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Hurricane Windy

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

blue_blazer_striped_top 005

blue_blazer_striped_top 008blue_blazer_striped_top 009

Blazer – Forever 21 (similar)| Shirt – Old Navy | Necklace –NY & Co (similar)| Pants – Ann Taylor | Shoes – Anne Klein

Last night I stayed up way too late reading superstorm Sandy updates on Twitter and through various websites.  I was also following the news about the Chicago lakefront and the 60 MPH winds we’re supposed to get today.  The radio even specifically told women not to wear dresses or skirts today!  I think they were joking but I totally understand why.  It’s windy out there!

(Side note: Chicago is not called the Windy City solely because of the wind.)

As a result of staying up too late with my jaw hanging open I grabbed my trusty Pinterest inspiration board this morning for an outfit idea.  This one grabbed my attention:

Turns out there’s a reason I like this look.  I’ve worn it before!  I try not to duplicate outfits on the blog but I knew it was bound to happen.  So, here you get a taste of the same look with a few minor changes.  Different pants, shoes, shirt, and accessories.


Also, lest you think it’s nice enough outside to commute to work sans jacket, here’s what I actually wore on my windy walk to the train.

blue_blazer_striped_top 002

Just imagine the jacket buttoned up and some black gloves on my hands and you’re got the picture.

I’m thankful that today all I have to deal with is wind.  My thoughts go out to everyone in NYC, New Jersey, and other areas along the East Coast.