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If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@looplooks) you may recall that I posted this image back in September.  The JF&A Show is a four day jewelry, fashion, and accessories extravaganza at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, IL.  I went in 2011 and scored some great jewelry and accessory deals so I was looking forward to attending in 2012.

jfa_show 010 Last Thursday Kim and I took the afternoon off work to peruse the hundreds of booths filled with everything from fine gold and diamonds, costume jewelry, to various other items to fill your home and your closet.

jfa_show 004

jfa_show 005

jfa_show 007

jfa_show 008

The JF&A show is designed for people who run boutiques or other stores that sell accessories such as jewelry, scarves, gloves, etc.  So since it’s a wholesale buyers market place, it’s also a paradise for people seeking great deals!

Need a scarf?  They have hundreds to choose from, most under $20.  Need some fun necklaces or earrings but don’t want to spend a ton?  You have your pick of pieces from $15 and under!

Kim and I spent several hours at the show browsing and buying.  Most booths only take cash for small purchases.  This actually works out well because you can pre-determine how much you’re going to spend and only bring that much money.  Of course, I always go a bit over and have to borrow a few dollars from Kim.

This year’s haul included the following:

jfa_show 001

Clockwise from left:

Necklace – $8.50

Scarf – $2.35

Leather wrap bracelet – $10

Leather wrap watch – $12

I also FINALLY ordered a grey J. Crew style bubble necklace for $15 including shipping.


The JF&A show is also a great place to do some gift shopping.  I purchased one gift for someone as well.  But, don’t worry!  If you didn’t attend in October you have another chance to shop before the holidays!

The next JF&A Show is scheduled for November 29th through December 2nd in Schaumburg, IL and registration opens tomorrow, October 29th.  There is a registration fee of $5 if you register online or $10 if you register at the door.

I will definitely be attending this show to do a bit more gift shopping and to look for a few items I didn’t pick up last week.  If you’re interested in attending let me know!  It’s always more fun with friends.

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  1. Rachel Jay

    Yes! I totally want to go! I know a couple others who may want to got too. I have to check my calendar at work but I’d love to go. Blogger outing? 🙂

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Great for texting and sexting!

    I have to say, I never though of gloves that way! (Heh, that got a good surprised chuckle out of me!) I am so jealous about this trade show, I loooove going to trade shows but I only ever get to attend them if I’m down there in the lower 48. (Ak never gets really cool ones like these, just the gun shows. Great for the husband, a snooze-fest for me.) This one looks like it was just amazing, look at all of those vendors! It looks like you made a pretty good haul from the show, that big sparkly necklace is gorgeous!

  3. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    Thank goodness the next show is out on the suburbs/not easy to get to without a car…if something like that ever showed up at Navy Pier or McCormick Place I would be in BIG trouble haha. I’m terrible at clothes shopping, but I love accessories. A show like that sounds SUPER dangerous haha.

  4. Alyssa @ Don't Look Down

    I saw that leather wrap watch on your wrist on Saturday and really loved it!
    I’m thinking about registering for the next show. It’s nice and close to me and would be perfect for some early Christmas shopping. (It’s so unlike me to start shopping before approximately Dec. 20th).

        1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

          Right now we’re thinking the afternoon of Sunday, December 2nd. I know it’s the last day but maybe people will be marking stuff down even more! I’ll be sure to invite you once we get details worked out.

      1. Maggie

        You’re welcome, but prepared to want to buy everything on that site “because it’s such a good deal and only offered for a few days.”

  5. kilax

    It was so nice to go on a Thursday afternoon when it wasn’t crazy busy yet! Too funny to have people ask if I am buying stuff to sell though. NO THIS IS ALL FOR ME 🙂

    Did you get the necklace in the mail yet? 🙂

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