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pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (2)

pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (8)pinstripe_blazer_leopard_scarf 016 (1)

Blazer – The Limited (similar) | Top – Express | Scarf – NYC street vendor (similar) | Pants – Gap | Boots – Cole Haan (similar)| Earrings – Bergner’s

It’s CopyCats Friday from Fills for Thrills!

I don’t even want to tell you how many images I looked through on my Pinterest boards try find something I wanted to copy.  Not sure why I was having such a difficult time this week.

In the end I settled on this outfit.  It’s a fun cross between Casual Friday and regular office sophistication.  And it’s based on an outfit from Wendy’s Lookbook.


I went with a pinstriped blazer instead of a solid black one because, well, my solid black one needs to go to the drycleaners.  However, this pinstriped one is a little bit too big so it might be going in my Poshmark closet very soon.

What do you think?  Did I hit the nail on the head with my copy?


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11 replies on “Copycat Friday–Black Cat

  1. Eliz

    DROOOLING over your boots. You did a wonderful job copying! Right now with the weather turning chilling I can see why its important o feel warm cute and comfy!!

  2. Anne

    Isn’t it funny how that happens sometimes – occasionally it makes me think I should delete a whole bunch of my pins when I look back through them and can’t imagine wearing any of them. Or maybe that’s just one of those bad closet days… Love your inspiration/interpretation though – so chic.

  3. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh boy, I have to stay away from pintrest, it just sucks me right in….

    I really like this copycat look, it’s a really great, simple look to recreate out of items that we all have in our closets! I love the leopard scarf as the focal point for the whole outfit, it makes it quite striking but still low key.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      That’s a good point about all of these being items people have in their closets. Maybe not the exact same things but a black blazer, a white shirt and black pants are pretty standard, right?

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