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Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

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Jacket – Wilsons Leather | Blazer – Gibson via Nordstrom Rack | Scarf – H&M via Poshmark | Dress – The Limited | Boots – Cole Haan

Do you have a black dress in your closet?  One that can be dressed up or down?  If not, I highly recommend getting one.  I don’t really like to make lists of items that you HAVE to have in your closet because everyone’s lifestyle and favorite looks are different.  But a versatile black dress?  It’s pretty hard to find a woman who couldn’t benefit from having one.

Take this one for example.  I’ve also worn it two other ways since I started this blog.   Anything you can wear in both June and October just by switching up the accessories is a closet workhorse for sure.

Do you have a versatile black dress?  Would you want to own one?

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7 replies on “The Closet Workhorse

  1. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh wow, you are just having a killer week with your outfits! I really like your layering here with the scarf, blazer and then the leather jacket over the blazer. I’d never thought to layer a leather jacket over a blazer, it seems like a genius way to stay warm! (I’m so going to do this now.) I think I like most of all how you took varying shades of gray and black to create the outfit, but each piece really stands out and doesn’t get lost. I am just loving all of your fall looks!

  2. Bethany @ Accidental Intentions

    I desperately need a little black dress. There have been far too many occasions where I’ve needed something to wear and thought, “You know, a little black dress would be perfect for this. Tooooo bad I don’t have one.” Haha. I’m hoping to spend some time downtown tomorrow anyway…maybe if I’m feeling ambitious I’ll knock that off my fashion bucket list 😉

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