You Pick Wednesday–Navy Sweater Dress

You Pick Wednesday

Lindsay recently contacted me with a dilemma: she has an outdoor engagement photo shoot scheduled this fall and wanted to wear a particular navy and gray sweater dress but wasn’t sure how to accessorize it.


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She had another outfit already planned that included knee high boots so she wanted to stay away from boots with this dress but she wasn’t sure what shoes would look best.

Her other request?  She wanted to wear tights.  She already had gray tights so that part was taken care of.  So, working with this dress, gray tights, and no boots here’s what I came up with.

Gray and Navy

Originally Lindsay had on black shoes with the gray tights but they seemed out of place with the gray and navy of the dress.  Perhaps bookending them with a black necklace would have worked but the black was too stark against the gray.

The solution?  Gray shoes!  Heels or flats would work just fine.  The grays don’t have to match exactly.  Just the fact that they are in the same color family is enough to keep the eye from gravitating toward your feet.

I’m looking forward to Lindsay’s engagement photos!  I think this outfit is going to look stunning among the fall leaves.

Do you need outfit assistance?  Want to know what to pair with that item you bought?  Submit your questions for a future You Pick Wednesday post! 


10 replies on “You Pick Wednesday–Navy Sweater Dress

  1. kilax

    I hope she shares the pics so we can see them!

    I really want to try a sweater dress. They always look so cute on my fave coworker. 🙂

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Sweater dresses can be tricky. They don’t usually hide bulges or trouble spots very well but depending on the cut and the pattern they can be quite versatile.

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh, I like the idea of the plaid loafer with this dress and the tights, it’s very cozy looking, but still very modern. You always give out such good advice on these posts! I agree with you on the black and gray looking too stark, I’ve tried to make the gray tights/black shoes thing work and i just can’t.

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