Inspiration Monday–Brown & White

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

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Blouse – Gap | Pants – The Limited | Belt – The Limited | Necklace – Jeans and a Cute Top Boutique | Shoes – Bandolino via Macy’s

It’s Inspiration Monday from Two Birds!    Today’s inspiration?

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White blouse?  Check.

Belt?  Check.

Printed bottom in a brown pallet?  Check.

Beige shoes?  Check.

Puppy?  Sadly, no check.

I recently purchased a brownish-red pencil skirt but I wasn’t in a skirt mood today.  So, I pulled out these plaid pants instead.  I’ve actually never worn them with anything other than brown or, once upon a time, an off-white turtleneck.  They were strictly winter pants.  Even though they are lightweight.

Which just goes to show how an inspiration photo can make you rethink the things you already have in your closet.

How would you interpret this photo?

P.S.  I need some suggestions for You Pick Wednesday.  What do you want to see?

13 replies on “Inspiration Monday–Brown & White

  1. Jen

    Digging the glen plaid! How about tips to ease back into fall layering for “You Pick Wednesdays”? After this lovely summer, I know I feel like I’ve kind of forgotten how to layer! 🙂

  2. mollypg

    I love a brown plaid pant. Back when I used to have to “dress” for work, I had a pair of brown plaid pants that were some of my faves! So glad you pulled these out of the closet a little early. They look great.

  3. Kezzie

    Ooh, you’ve created a really delicate, lovely outfit here-such a pretty look and the pants are really lovely! I have a pair like this but I have NO idea where they have gone? Honestly, I swear the pixies get into my house and hide my clothes! Hmmmm, you’ve made m think…

  4. kilax

    You should see if you can borrow a puppy from someone in your building! LOL.

    Have you seen Eva Mendes in The Other Guys? Man, that movie cracks me the EFF up. 🙂

  5. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Heh, I like your story behind the pants, I use to do the same thing and I’d put a lot of items into a set category, only with this color shirt, yada yada yada. I love seeing how other people break out of that and the thought process behind it.
    I love this look, that belt is so fantastic, I love the small details on it and the shape. The cream shirt looks so very chic with these pants, I think brown and cream is always such a great color combination.

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