Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

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Blazer – The Limited | Blouse – The Limited | Pants – Gap | Necklace – Macy’s (gift) | Shoes – Nine West

I used to wear this blouse all the time.  In fact, I even wore it on my first day at my current job!  However, I only ever wore it with black pants.  It wasn’t until I saw this post by Emily that I had an “ah ha!” moment.

This is why I love the Internet.  I love getting ideas from other people and trying them out myself.  Sure, I may not have the exact same items, but chances are good I have something similar.  Maybe you don’t have red pants and a gray blazer, but do you have gray pants? How about a red cardigan?  Or a red sweater?  Something with stripes?  Something black and white?  There are so many possibilities!

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9 replies on “Possibilities

  1. Emily

    Love the red pants! I want some bright pants for fall but red would require separate washing… I am boycotting red due to the $$ extra to wash a load of reds. I’m thinking purple. But LOVE the red!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Just wash your reds with your darks! That should work okay. Although, to be honest, I’ve never washed these red pants at home. They go to the dry cleaner because I don’t iron.

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    I have to say, I love these pants with those sandals, the length and the sandals makes your legs look miles long! Gray is one of those colors that pairs so well with everything and can give such a chic look, this blazer is fantastic with the red pants.

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