Rainy Day Fashion Rules

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Top – Target | Jeans – AG Adriano Goldschmied via Bloomingdale’s | Scarf – The Limited | Necklace – NY & Co | Rain boots – Kamik via Zappos | Flats – Lucky Brand via Marshall’s

Look.  If it’s going to rain during the work week I’d much prefer it rain on Friday.  That way I can wear jeans!  Rainy days make me want to dress comfy.  So my rules for rainy days are:

1.  Wear jeans you can tuck into your rain boots or a skirt or dress. Soaking wet cuffs are never fun.

2.  Have some fun with your rain boots.  They should be comfy but why not get them in a fun pattern?  Chances are you won’t be wearing them all day so show a little spunk on your commute.

3. Feel good in your outfit.  Rain can make you want to curl up on the couch in your pajamas, not go to work.  So put on some of your favorite pieces that will make you want to get out the door and show off.

Also, you may have noticed I’m wearing white after Labor Day.  I love these jeans.  They can be tucked into my rain boots.  This outfit can be accessorized a million ways from Sunday.  So it fits all my criteria.  Bah I say to the no white rule!

P.S.  Thanks for all the suggestions on yesterday’s post! I’m planning to rework this outfit in the near future.

P.P.S.  Last night’s Fashion’s Night Out fashion show at Macy’s State Street was a blast!  Thanks to Corals and Cognacs for letting us know about it.   I got some fun outfit ideas (printed pants, anyone?) and had fun hanging out with Molly and Heather.  Plus I finally got an opportunity to wear shorts and heels which is something I’ve been dying to do for awhile.


10 replies on “Rainy Day Fashion Rules

  1. mollypg

    Such a fun night!
    Rainy days make me glad my commute is to my living room – though I did run in the rain this morning (and it was FUN!)

    ps- we are umbrella twinsies.

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Oh my, those rain boots and your clear umbrella are adorable! I get so jealous when I see someone sporting a cute umbrella but sadly they are not for me. (I pretty much gave up on umbrellas, they just end up being used as swords or whack-sticks and never end up making it to being used in the rain.) I love that gray pattern on your rain boots, it looks like flowers and they boots look so cute with your white pants and chambray shirt.

    It looks like fun at your event, you all look so lovely and dressed up. That “shorts with heels” thing really works for you, you have fantastic legs!
    (Oh, and thank you for your response to my questions on the running gear post, you gave some really great input, I’m looking for some running tights right now!) That wensday series you do is fantastic, it is so helpful.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Rain boots and an umbrella are very necessary when you have to walk anywhere in Chicago in the rain. Except when it’s super windy and you see more umbrellas in the trash cans than you do over people’s heads!

      I’m happy the running gear suggestions were helpful for you! I hope you can find some running tights you love.

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