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CopyCat Friday–Love at First Pink

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall


pink_blazer_stripes 002

pink_blazer_stripes 010pink_blazer_stripes 008

Blazer – H&M | Top – Old Navy | Jeans – Old Navy | Shoes – Karen Scott via Macy’s | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark

It’s CopyCat Friday from Frills for Thrills!

FrillsforThrills CopyCats
I’ve had this particular look from Kacie’s Kloset pinned for four months!  But I was waiting for it to be cool enough to wear jeans and a blazer.  And, to be honest, this is actually the third time I’ve worn this outfit but the other times didn’t get photographed.
I love the bright pink with the stripes and then the little pop of leopard with the accessories.  With my high waist I prefer to leave my tops untucked when wearing jeans so I put the leopard accent on my shoes instead of using a belt.
I also love how the bright pink really pops against the stripes but at the same time tones them down a bit.
Basically, though, I love this whole outfit.
Also linking up with Marionberry Style.


Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

black_white_skirt_blouse 016

black_white_skirt_blouse 017black_white_skirt_blouse 019

black_white_skirt_blouse 020

Blouse – Alfani via Macy’s | Skirt – Banana Republic | Belt – The Limited | Shoes – Via Spiga via Loehman’s | Necklace – | Jacket – Wilson’s Leather

My new camera arrived yesterday afternoon.  And you know what else arrived with it?  A tripod!!  So now I can take pictures in all kinds of new and exciting places.  Provided I don’t care if people look at me funny.

I’m still using a Canon point-and-shoot but I think it takes pretty decent pictures.  Sure, it doesn’t have all the fancy options and I can’t make the background all blurry, but it works.  And it’s easy to use.

Changing subjects, I fell in love with this top at Fashion’s Night Out and my mom got it for me as a gift a few weeks ago.  I’m really loving the rolled tab sleeve chiffon-esque blouses this year.  This one in particular is so lovely in it’s simplicity that I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing it a lot.

And, yes, I had to wear a jacket today.  Welcome to fall!

black_white_skirt_blouse 013

Purple Haze

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

black_pants_purple_top 008

Pants, Top & Cardigan – The Limited | Shoes – Anne Klein via Bergner’s | Earrings – gift

I don’t really have much to say about this outfit.  I’ve been at a conference for the past three days and my brain is fried.  Also, while taking this photo the wind blew my camera off the table I had it propped on and now it’s acting funny.

Sigh.  Some days just aren’t your day, you know?

Inspiration Monday – Are You Yellow?

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

green_pants_camel_blazer 006

green_pants_camel_blazer 010 green_pants_camel_blazer 011

Blazer – Bergner’s | Sweater – Express | Pants – Express | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark | Shoes – Bandolino via Macy’s


It’s another Inspiration Monday from Two Birds Boutique!  And what, exactly, was today’s inspiration?


Original Inspiration: Olivia Palermo

But here’s the thing:  I don’t own anything yellow. Not one single thing. The closest I can get is this camel colored blazer.  So, I went with it.  I suppose it’s a more muted or toned down approach to Olivia’s look.

A blazer and a sweater are a great way to transition your cropped pants from spring to fall, too.   It’s pretty chilly in Chicago right now but I was nice and toasty in this outfit.

How would you interpret this look?

green_pants_camel_blazer 005

Saturday Shots

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I Can See My House From Here! – Willis Tower Sky Deck / Headed to a meeting for my running club / Embracing my wavy hair / My first ever drink from Argo Tea – Pumpkin Chai latte


Introducing a new series: Saturday Shots!  My goal here is to share some photos that I’ve taken over the past week or so that don’t necessarily revolve around outfits.  Just so you can get a glimpse of my everyday life.

I also take requests, so let me know if there’s something specific you want to see!



Blacks and Blues

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

jeans_chambray_black 006

jeans_chambray_black 010 jeans_chambray_black 012

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack | Top – Old Navy | Necklace – J. Crew via Poshmark | Jeans – The Limited | Boots – Ciao Bella via DSW

Yep, the boots came out today.  A gray, cloudy, windy day in Chicago?  Perfect boot weather.  I’m also working from home and then helping out with prep for the large conference I’m attending next week so I can go a little bit more casual than normal, even on a Friday.

This outfit mixes both black and blue which I’m sure many people think is a no-no.  But, actually, as long as they aren’t too similar in shade, you can wear them together.  It’s when they look like you couldn’t tell that one was a different color that it starts to get questionable.  Same with chambray or denim on denim.  You don’t want the colors to be too close to one another.

Oh!  I’m adding a new series to the blog on Saturdays and it starts tomorrow.  I hope you’ll check back! Here’s a sneak peak:

Otherwise, enjoy your weekend!

The Rule of Three

Office Appropriate Outfits - Fall

black_skirt_striped_top 001

black_skirt_striped_top 010black_skirt_striped_top 012

Top – LOFT | Skirt – Banana Republic Factory Store | Scarf H&M via Poshmark | Shoes – Bandolino via Nordstrom Rack

I believe I’ve mentioned my “rule of three” when it comes to outfits before.  Basically, it comes down to the idea that you should always wear at least three things to make an outfit look put together.

Today’s outfit is a perfect example.  Here’s what I mean.


The outfit on the right is fine.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with it.  But look at how adding the scarf adds some visual interest and breaks up the pattern of the shirt.  By adding the scarf you’ve gone from college student to business professional.  With one piece!

What do you think of the rule of three? 

You Pick Wednesday – Stylish Commuter Bags Under $100

You Pick Wednesday

Today’s You Pick Wednesday is all about the accessories.  Stylish commuter bags, to be exact.

As you know, I work in downtown Chicago.  I’m one of the lucky ones that only has a 15 minute commute by train but it wasn’t always that way.  Before this past May my commute was 45 minutes.  And I know plenty of people who spend an hour or more on some form of public transit.

Since we spend so much of our lives going to and from places it makes sense that we need to carry a lot of things with us.  Ellen Warren of the Chicago Tribune recently wrote  piece titled Commuter Do’s & Don’ts  all about the things we carry in our commuting bags.  The main takeaway?  Lighten your load.  Only carry what you absolutely have to.

And to help you carry it in style, here are six of my picks for bags that will help you do it all.  The best part?  They’re all under $100!

Stylish Commuter Bags Under $100

For more options, check out this slide show from Chicago Shopping – Fashion Forward Commuter Bags.

Personally, I carry a purse that is small enough for every day use but can also accommodate an extra pair of shoes, some lunch items, and all my daily essentials.

 Tignanello Perfect 10 Studded Shopper

And when I have to bring my laptop with me, I use my laptop bag from Target.

However, I fully admit there have been days I’ve carried my purse, my laptop bag, and a backpack full of workout gear.  Short of hauling a suitcase to work there probably isn’t a perfect solution.  But I do have a few criteria for a bag.

1. A pocket on the outside so I can quickly grab my CTA pass and my phone without having to dig for them.

2.  Shoulder straps.  Pretty self-explanatory.

3.  Large enough to fit an extra pair of shoes.

What kind of bag do you carry?  Do you bring a lot of stuff with you to and from work?

Don’t forget, you can submit your own requests for You Pick Wednesday!  Just send an email to