Polka Dots and Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

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Shirt – Old Navy | Skirt – New York & Co | Shoes – Target | Necklace – JF&A Expo

It was rough getting out of bed this morning.  I had a great weekend hanging out with a ton of bloggers (too many to list!), running a 5K race, talking about books and blogging, drinking too much wine, and trying a new restaurant with my family.

So I put on my pink skirt and a new top from Old Navy to brighten up my day.  I’ve been wanting to wear chambray with this pink skirt for awhile and my new polka dot chambray shirt seemed like the perfect addition.  A little playful, a little classic, a little dressy and a little casual.  Perfect for what we consider in my office to be the last week of summer.

How did you spend your weekend?

19 replies on “Polka Dots and Pink

  1. kilax

    I think wearing bright colors is the perfect way to start out a week! I wore the pink blazer that you gave me to work last Monday… for the same reason 😉

  2. Katie of Alaskan Weredork

    Wow, you did have a busy weekend, kudos to you for running a 5k! (I keep saying I’m going to, but then I chicken out!) I love this outfit, you’re giving me great ideas for how to style this shirt. (I really like your professional take on it, it looks adorable and a fun kind of classy with the pink pencil skirt.)

  3. mollypg

    I’m in love with your polka dot chambray shirt! So cute and totally versatile.

    So, I’m nosey – are you in some sort of bloggy book club? Your, “talking about books and blogging” comment has me VERY curious.

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