Stitch Fix #5–What To Do


Last day to enter the Because I Shop Too Much Giveaway!  There’s money and tote bags on the line.


After taking some time off to give my wallet a rest, I had another Stitch Fix shipment delivered this week.  And now I’m struggling with what to do.

stitch_fix_5 045

Also, I apologize in advance for the photos.  The lighting in our apartment is…special.

So, let’s see what I got, alright?

Viereck Gemina Sleeveless V-Neck Dress – $137


stitch_fix_5 019stitch_fix_5 023

stitch_fix_5 025


Pros – The print was fun and the sleeveless nature makes it easy to wear over or under other items.

Cons – It was tight on my legs but poofy at my belly.  Way too expensive for what I would normally spend on a dress like this.

Sanctuary Alpes Cotton Henley Sweater – $88

stitch_fix_5 030stitch_fix_5 031


stitch_fix_5 034

Pros – Looked way cuter on than it did in the box.  Loved the suggestion to wear with white jeans and boots and it works well over my blue dress.  The gold accents were a fun touch and it fit decently.

Cons – The weave made it feel (and look) a little too much like long underwear.   Perhaps a bit too snug.

Eight Sixty Gould Jersey Crewneck Tee – $50

stitch_fix_5 038stitch_fix_5 041

stitch_fix_5 046

Pros – Can easily be dressed up or down.  I love stripes.  Comfy and has unique bottom hem.

Cons – A bit sheer.  Also, $30 (if you subtract the $20 I already paid) for a striped t-shirt?  Plus, it’s 100% rayon which means it may or may not wash and wear well over time.

THML Dylan Chambray Cotton Blazer – $74

stitch_fix_5 048stitch_fix_5 053

Oops, forgot to take a close-up of the tag and material for this one.

Pros – SUPER cute!  It’s chambray but more of a black & white instead of a blue.  Loved that it can go casual or dressy.  Two buttons are a plus.

Cons – Do I really need another blazer?  Cotton so it’s going to wrinkle.  I also already have a similar blazer with one button and a bit darker color.  Perhaps a tad bit big in the waist.

Tashi Mixed geometric square earrings – $35

stitch_fix_5 054stitch_fix_5 055

Pros – LOVED these!  So so so cute.  Totally my style.

Cons – I have a ton of silver dangly earrings.  Do I really need another pair?

So, as you can see, I’m torn on whether I should keep any of it or part of it.  I’ve already ruled out the dress.  But the sweater, blazer, shirt and earrings are all maybes.  I’d prefer to limit my purchase to two items at the most.

Would you keep any of these items?  Which one (or two)?

17 replies on “Stitch Fix #5–What To Do

  1. Katie of An Alaskan Weredork

    I really like the striped tee, but I can see what you mean, it would be awful to pay that much for a shirt and then not have it last in the washer. (It does look really cute, I love it with the riding boots.) The blazer is adorable but as someone who has a cotton blazer and NEVER wears it because it is cotton as well and wrinkles like crazy, I’d say send it back. (But you’re mostly likely better than me and will iron it!)

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I…ron? What is this thing you speak of? Seriously, I don’t iron (I pay the dry cleaner) so it’s good to know from someone’s firsthand experience how irritating a cotton blazer can be!

  2. Kandi

    I really like those earrings!!
    I get annoyed by things that require ironing (I use the dryer as my iron).

  3. Amy@Diapeepees

    Loved that you took us through your shipment. I think the adventure of it sounded fun, but I have a feeling everything would end up being more expensive than I would typically pay. I don’t think I loved anything in this box, but I always like that fleshy/pink colored shirt you show from your past stitchfix purchase.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I think the adventure is part of the appeal of Stitch Fix. You never know when you’re going to find something amazing (like the blush colored top) or when it’s just going to be “meh”.

  4. Carrie

    Hmm … I’d be tempted the most by that lovely striped shirt, but the fact that it’s rayon and may not wash well would make it a pass in my opinion. Especially because there are so many striped shirts out there for a better price that would hold up in the wash. As you said, you also own quite a few blazers and silver dangling earrings, so those don’t add anything unique to your wardrobe. So that leaves the sweater … 🙂

  5. Lauren @ Lauren Runs

    I actually got & kept the THML blazer in my Stitch Fix! I love the look, and got the sleeves hemmed a bit for me. The one issue (I’m guessing from the dry cleaner/tailor, not so much the blazer) is that one of the inner sleeves split a little.

    I actually love this blazer and it hasn’t been horrible wrinkly. A great summer weight blazer.

  6. kilax

    I was going to say the same thing as your mom. Except asking for the earring myself. LOL. Nothing that says “MUST BUY” from this box 🙂

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