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You Pick Wednesday–Shorts & Tall

You Pick Wednesday



Readers, meet my friend Whit:


Me on the left, Whit on the right.  Believe it or not, I’m wearing three inch heels.

Whit emailed me recently with a question.  Her situation?  Regular shorts feel too short for her height but she’s tired of capris.  What’s the solution?


No, not those plaid things you associate with tourists wearing cameras around their necks.    These:

Bermuda Shorts

Why Bermuda shorts?

They cover more leg than regular shorts.  Perfect for people with long legs who feel that regular shorts show too much.

Tapered Bermudas are especially flattering on tall, thin people but can be equally flattering on those of us who are almost petite.

polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 003

Tapered Bermuda shorts are also a little less likely to fall into the “dowdy” camp that capris can sometimes end up in.  As long as you avoid Bermudas that are too wide, too high-waisted, or look too much like the ones you pictured when I originally wrote Bermudas.

Bad Bermuda Shorts
You Look Fab has some great articles on how to wear Bermuda shorts.  Check them out and then go grab up some Bermuda shorts off the sale racks before the summer ends!

Tapered Bermudas for the Gal on the Go

Two Elegant Tunic and Shorts Ensembles

Dressy Bermuda Shorts

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