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Because I Shop Too Much–GIVEAWAY!




If you’re like me you have a few things in your closet that you just aren’t sure about.  You bought them for one reason or another but now they rarely see the light of day.  Maybe it’s a top you used to wear all the time but no longer love.  Maybe it’s a pair of pants that never fit quite right.  Maybe it’s shoes that just don’t fit with your lifestyle anymore.  What’s a girl to do?

In the past you only had a few options for dealing with these items.

1. Let them be.  Box them up or leave them languishing in the back of your closet in the hope that someday you might wear them again.

2.  Donate them to Goodwill or another thrift shop.  Sure, you can get the tax write-off but what if you don’t have enough itemized deductions to make it worth your while?

3.  Find a consignment shop or take them somewhere like Plato’s Closet or Clothes Mentor.  You might get some money for your items but you’re not in control of the pricing nor of what they are willing to take.

4.  List and sell items on ebay.  But there they may get lost among the shuffle of thousands of other items for sale.  Besides, isn’t ebay SO 10 years ago?

Now, though, you can take control of what you sell and for how much and you can do it from the comfort of your own home!

The Chicago-based start-up Because I Shop Too Much launched their beta site in 2011.  The premise?  You create a profile, upload photos of the clothing items you want to sell, enter the item details, and set the price.

“It’s not just about selling & buying clothes” assures Lisa Fergus, Founder. “We’re meeting lots of females out there – especially today – that are on budgets for a variety of reasons – family, school, the economy. They are bold, creative, & want to look great without paying premium retail prices.”

“And the fact that friendships & social circles are being formed along the way,” as Kaitlyn Fergus, Founder points out, “well, that just may be the best part.”

You create circles of friends whose closets you love.  You can see what they have for sale and, in a unique twist, easily swap items with other users if you both see something you like from one another!

I currently have several items in my own closet on Because I Shop Too Much.  Here’s a taste:

photo 1photo 2

photo 3photo 4

But it’s not just my closet that’s open for business. Nope!  The gals behind Because I Shop Too Much have generously offered to sponsor a giveaway to Kaitlyn’s closet!

You could win a $15 credit towards anything in Kaitlyn’s closet as well as a set of FriendSwap bags and jewelry pouches!

To enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your email. (mandatory)

2.  Create a profile on Because I Shop Too Much and let me know in a comment. (mandatory)

3.  Like Because I Shop Too Much on Facebook. (optional bonus entry)

4.  Like Loop Looks on Facebook. (optional bonus entry)


Or just follow the instructions here: a Rafflecopter giveaway!  And good luck!

The giveaway will be open until midnight on August 23rd and the winner will be contacted via email.