Daily Archives: August 6, 2012

July Shopping Summary



1. The Limited Pleated Maxi Skirt – $18 (similar)

2. The Limited Pleated Skirt – $15 (seen here)

3. The Limited Peplum Top – $17

4. Target Sheer Polka Dot Tank – $15 (seen here and here)

5. Old Navy Polka Dot Shorts – $12 each (green seen here)

6. Target Reversible Silver Belt – $15 (similar)

7. Express Blazer via Poshmark – $22 including shipping (similar)

Notes:  I haven’t worn the pleated maxi skirt yet.  I’m still undecided whether it’s flattering or not.  I may sell it via Poshmark.  Speaking of Poshmark, you will definitely see the Express blazer I purchased via the app this fall and winter.    I also sold my first item via Poshmark last month!  If you have an iPhone I definitely recommend you check it out.  Thrift shopping from the comfort of my couch?  Don’t mind if I do.