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Copycat Friday–Hot Denim

Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

denim_skirt_stripes 003

denim_skirt_stripes 009denim_skirt_stripes 010

Top – Marshall’s | Skirt – Ann Taylor Factory Store | Shoes – Mia via Bergner’s | Scarf – Nordstrom | Bracelets – Kristin Hassan | Watch – Fossil

It’s Copycat Friday from Sarah at Frills for Thrills!  I’ve had a denim and stripes outfit pinned for awhile.  Since today’s temps are back in the 90s and it’s Friday I decided to pull the trigger and recreate it.



Of course, I went with a more office-appropriate pencil skirt and ballet flats instead of heels (although the ones in the photo are adorable!).  I also have a white cardigan on standby in case I get too cold in the office air conditioning.

Also, I’ll be honest with you, I have a pair of cropped jeans to change into when I leave work today.  I’m meeting my husband for lunch and then we’re off to see Sleepwalk with Me.  The perfect way to “end” summer.

FrillsforThrills CopyCats

Woman in Black

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

peplum_black_skirt 001

peplum_black_skirt 003

Top – The Limited | Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet | Necklace – JC Penney | Shoes – Nine West

When I was in seventh grade I wore black (or black and white) probably 90% of the time.  I wasn’t goth.  I just really liked black and white.  I still do, actually.  And all black can be a really classic look.  Why do you think most women have a “little black dress” in their closet?

But all black can be badly done, too.  Many people think all black is slimming.  If you wear black clothes that are faded, too big, or too tight it just makes you look frumpy, not classy.

My suggestions?  Toss the old, faded, pilled black pieces.  Stick to flattering shapes no matter the color.  Look for items that are current in terms of shape and silhouette.  And remember, when in doubt, add a statement necklace or fun shoes.  That will definitely keep you looking from looking too funereal.

You Pick Wednesday–Brown Leather Sheath Dress Three Ways

You Pick Wednesday


If you follow the Loop Looks Facebook page you may have seen a reader shared that she recently purchased this amazing brown leather sheath dress from Banana Republic but needed some ideas on how to style it.



I shared a few ideas on Facebook but, for those of us that are more visual, I wanted to put together some boards to illustrate what I was talking about. So today’s You Pick Wednesday is devoted to the brown (leather) sheath dress!

Brown Leather Sheath Meets Scarves
Brown Leather Sheath Meets Statement Necklace
Brown Leather Sheath Meets Printed Top

And, of course, you can always wear a sheath dress with a cardigan or a blazer.  When your dress is a neutral go for something fun or patterned.  Use the colors and patterns in these boards as a guide and have fun!

Purple and Print

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

printed_skirt_purple_cardigan 005

printed_skirt_purple_cardigan 011printed_skirt_purple_cardigan 010

Cardigan – The Limited | Top – The Limited | Skirt – Nordstrom Rack | Shoes – Tahari via TJ Maxx

I know, I know.  I just wore this skirt last week.  But, hey, one of my goals is to show you how to wear the items you have in different ways.  Which means wearing things I own lots of times!

Last week I wore this skirt with black.  That’s a safe pairing.  Black and white skirt with a black top?  Of course.  I’ve also worn it with pink. But, really, it could go with all kinds of colors.  So, I’ll wear it over and over again.

Polka Dots and Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

polka_dot_chambray_pink_skirt 002_edit

polka_dot_chambray_pink_skirt 008

Shirt – Old Navy | Skirt – New York & Co | Shoes – Target | Necklace – JF&A Expo

It was rough getting out of bed this morning.  I had a great weekend hanging out with a ton of bloggers (too many to list!), running a 5K race, talking about books and blogging, drinking too much wine, and trying a new restaurant with my family.

So I put on my pink skirt and a new top from Old Navy to brighten up my day.  I’ve been wanting to wear chambray with this pink skirt for awhile and my new polka dot chambray shirt seemed like the perfect addition.  A little playful, a little classic, a little dressy and a little casual.  Perfect for what we consider in my office to be the last week of summer.

How did you spend your weekend?

Peplum and Pencil Skirts

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer


black_peplum_printed_skirt (2)

Top – The Limited | Necklace – The Limited | Skirt – Nordstrom Rack | Shoes – Tahari via TJ Maxx

First thing’s first, I bet you are dying to know who won the Because I Shop Too Much Giveaway!  Well, the winner is…..I Just Want to Be Outside!  I don’t have a blog or Twitter address for her but she has been contacted via email.  Thanks to everyone who entered!

black_peplum_printed_skirt (1)edit

And now, how about a funny Friday story?

I always wear the same rings on three fingers of my right hand.  And of course my wedding ring on my left hand.  This story is about the ring I wear on my right index finger.


I’ve had this ring since high school.  My dad gave it to me as a gift.  For anyone who doesn’t want to do the math, that means I’ve been wearing this ring for approximately 15 years.

As you can see, the ring isn’t a fully complete circle.  This is nice because it’s adjustable.  What it also means is that it has a tendency to get stuck on things and bent out of shape.  I’ve actually had it repaired several times because it got caught and bent so much it broke.  But, I love it and don’t want to give it up.

So imagine my horror when last Friday I was taking the recycling down to the dumpster and my ring got caught on the bag handle as I tossed it over the side.  I heard my ring bounce around in the metal dumpster and I leaned over to stare into the abyss of recyclables.  No ring in sight and I was too short to really dig around and find it.

Deep breaths.  Deep breaths.  It’s just a thing.  You can move on.

Turns out I couldn’t.  So when my husband got home I pleaded with him for help.  And help me he did.  Thankfully the dumpster wasn’t that full and it was mostly paper and cardboard.  He climbed in shoved one box and a bag or two to the side and there was my ring.  Totally bent out of shape on the bottom of the dumpster.

So in climbed my husband.  And he got my ring.  I washed it and bent it back into a circle and put it back on my finger.  Right where it belongs.


My husband’s a pretty awesome guy, isn’t he?

Stitch Fix #5–What To Do


Last day to enter the Because I Shop Too Much Giveaway!  There’s money and tote bags on the line.


After taking some time off to give my wallet a rest, I had another Stitch Fix shipment delivered this week.  And now I’m struggling with what to do.

stitch_fix_5 045

Also, I apologize in advance for the photos.  The lighting in our apartment is…special.

So, let’s see what I got, alright?

Viereck Gemina Sleeveless V-Neck Dress – $137


stitch_fix_5 019stitch_fix_5 023

stitch_fix_5 025


Pros – The print was fun and the sleeveless nature makes it easy to wear over or under other items.

Cons – It was tight on my legs but poofy at my belly.  Way too expensive for what I would normally spend on a dress like this.

Sanctuary Alpes Cotton Henley Sweater – $88

stitch_fix_5 030stitch_fix_5 031


stitch_fix_5 034

Pros – Looked way cuter on than it did in the box.  Loved the suggestion to wear with white jeans and boots and it works well over my blue dress.  The gold accents were a fun touch and it fit decently.

Cons – The weave made it feel (and look) a little too much like long underwear.   Perhaps a bit too snug.

Eight Sixty Gould Jersey Crewneck Tee – $50

stitch_fix_5 038stitch_fix_5 041

stitch_fix_5 046

Pros – Can easily be dressed up or down.  I love stripes.  Comfy and has unique bottom hem.

Cons – A bit sheer.  Also, $30 (if you subtract the $20 I already paid) for a striped t-shirt?  Plus, it’s 100% rayon which means it may or may not wash and wear well over time.

THML Dylan Chambray Cotton Blazer – $74

stitch_fix_5 048stitch_fix_5 053

Oops, forgot to take a close-up of the tag and material for this one.

Pros – SUPER cute!  It’s chambray but more of a black & white instead of a blue.  Loved that it can go casual or dressy.  Two buttons are a plus.

Cons – Do I really need another blazer?  Cotton so it’s going to wrinkle.  I also already have a similar blazer with one button and a bit darker color.  Perhaps a tad bit big in the waist.

Tashi Mixed geometric square earrings – $35

stitch_fix_5 054stitch_fix_5 055

Pros – LOVED these!  So so so cute.  Totally my style.

Cons – I have a ton of silver dangly earrings.  Do I really need another pair?

So, as you can see, I’m torn on whether I should keep any of it or part of it.  I’ve already ruled out the dress.  But the sweater, blazer, shirt and earrings are all maybes.  I’d prefer to limit my purchase to two items at the most.

Would you keep any of these items?  Which one (or two)?

You Pick Wednesday–Shorts & Tall

You Pick Wednesday



Readers, meet my friend Whit:


Me on the left, Whit on the right.  Believe it or not, I’m wearing three inch heels.

Whit emailed me recently with a question.  Her situation?  Regular shorts feel too short for her height but she’s tired of capris.  What’s the solution?


No, not those plaid things you associate with tourists wearing cameras around their necks.    These:

Bermuda Shorts

Why Bermuda shorts?

They cover more leg than regular shorts.  Perfect for people with long legs who feel that regular shorts show too much.

Tapered Bermudas are especially flattering on tall, thin people but can be equally flattering on those of us who are almost petite.

polka_dot_top_striped_shorts 003

Tapered Bermuda shorts are also a little less likely to fall into the “dowdy” camp that capris can sometimes end up in.  As long as you avoid Bermudas that are too wide, too high-waisted, or look too much like the ones you pictured when I originally wrote Bermudas.

Bad Bermuda Shorts
You Look Fab has some great articles on how to wear Bermuda shorts.  Check them out and then go grab up some Bermuda shorts off the sale racks before the summer ends!

Tapered Bermudas for the Gal on the Go

Two Elegant Tunic and Shorts Ensembles

Dressy Bermuda Shorts

Do you have a style question you’d like me to address?  Leave a comment, shoot me an email at or hit me up on Facebook or Twitter!

Coat from the Coast

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Don’t forget about the BISTM giveaway!  The tote bags are totally worth it!

black_pants_green_coat 012

black_pants_green_coat 020black_pants_green_coat 021

Blouse – Gap | Pants – Gap | Shoes – Lucky Brand via Marshall’s | Necklace – Accessories Palace in NYC | Belt – came with a top from The Limited | Jacket – c/o Holly Haley, independent CAbi consultant

Holly Haley, a friend of mine from way back, recently became a CAbi consultant.  She generously sent me this jacket because she thought I could pull off the unique color and style.

I admit, when I pulled a short-sleeved trench coat out of the box I was a bit stymied.  Perhaps a short-sleeved trench works in California (where Holly lives) but I didn’t know about Chicago.  But then I realized that for those few days we have when it’s 55 degrees in the morning and 80 by the time you leave the office a short sleeved trench is the perfect accessory.

And since today was one of those days, I took my inspiration from What I Wore and threw it on over a simple black and white outfit.

CAbi has some really cute options and their website even allows you to play virtual dress up!  Here are some of my favorite outfits I put together.


If you’re interested in shopping the CAbi catalog, contact Holly and she’ll get you set up!  Or, if enough Chicago-area people are interested I’m sure we could convince her to come out and do our own shopping party.

Until then, I’ll be figuring out new ways to wear my California-inspired jacket.

black_pants_green_coat 010

White and Stormy

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

Have you entered to win a shopping spree plus two fun tote bags yet?  If not, do it now!

navy_top_white_pants 009

navy_top_white_pants 013

Top – Old Navy | Pants – The Limited | Shoes – SE Boutique via DSW | Necklace – NY & Co

Good – I managed to take outdoor outfit pics before it started raining

Bad – It started raining as soon as I got off the train.  And guess who didn’t wear rain boots?

Good – I ducked into the post office to ship my latest Because I Shop Too Much sale and missed the biggest part of the downpour.

Bad – My shoes (and pant cuffs) still got soaked.

navy_top_white_pants 015

Good – I always have a spare pair of shoes in my office.  And leopard goes with everything.

navy_top_white_pants 016

Also good?  My guest post on Librarian for Life Style!  Jen is super sweet so I’m thrilled to be kicking off her vacation week with a collage of Chicago looks.

Now I’m off to make the rest of my Monday have more checks in the good column!