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Today I’m out and about celebrating my friend Kim’s birthday.  I thought while I was gone I’d give you a little tour of where I keep all the items that make up my outfits.

When I moved to my new apartment in May I was pleasantly surprised at how much closet space we had in the master bedroom.  In fact, this might be the largest closet I’ve ever had!


closet_tour 003

closet_tour 004

closet_tour 005

Actually, to be honest, when we moved in I just hung the hangers wherever.  It wasn’t until recently that I got everything organized!

closet_tour 006

closet_tour 007 But, even though I have more room in my bedroom closet than ever before, I still have to hang some things in our office closet.

closet_tour 002Suits, formal dresses, and coats live in here.  That is, the things I would only pull out for special occasions.

And then, of course, are the items that live in drawers.

closet_tour 009And all my jewelry.

closet_tour 011

When I organized my closet I found a few items that I’m not really in love with anymore.  So, I added them to my Poshmark closet for sale.  Poshmark, if you haven’t heard of it, is an iPhone app that lets you browse what other people have for sale in their closets and easily list your items all from your phone!  Pretty cool, huh?

You know what else is cool?  The Holly Yashi giveaway!  Ends tonight so go enter right now!

5 replies on “A Closet Tour

  1. SmartSavvyStyle

    Closets in Chicago will be my demise! haha. I had a large walk-in closet in my place in Alabama. Here? We live in a 1920s bungalow…which equals teeny tiny closets. Maybe I will get used to it one day…? Love all your closet space!

  2. kilax

    I love organizing my closet. I really need to do it. I still haven’t had time to fix the avalanche that happened before I went to NYC!

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