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Style Flashback Friday: Prom

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Inspired by the Independent Fashion Blogger website who did a post about prom styles from the past I thought I’d take some time while on vacation to show you my past style in the form of my prom dresses!

Junior Prom – 1997


I’ll be honest with you.  This is my favorite dress I’ve ever owned or worn, including my wedding dress.   It was a Jessica McClintock that I got on crazy clearance.  It was too big in the bust and too tight in the hips (and I didn’t get it altered) but I made it work because I loved it so much.

This was also one of my favorite hairstyles of all time.  Maybe not so much the up-do, but the color.  My hair dresser gave me fire engine red highlights and then styled my hair to make the most of them.  I’ve yet to find another hair dresser who could recreate this genius.

I wish I remembered what I did with this dress.  I doubt it would fit me now (32 year old hips are different than 17 year old hips) but I’d kind of like to try.

Senior Prom 1998

prom_1998 I saw this dress in a magazine (probably Seventeen) and wanted it for my prom dress.  The color was unique and the style was significantly different than most of the other dresses at prom.  I also bought it from a store that guaranteed they wouldn’t sell anyone else from your high school the same dress!

I ended up not loving it as much as I thought I would.  Part of me wished I had gone with the full pink princess-style dress.  But I did love that it wasn’t exactly the same as every other girl at the dance.

You may have also noticed I didn’t blur out this date’s face.  That’s because he’s now my husband!

Which dress do you like best? 

Did you go to prom?  What did you wear?  Post your pics on the Loop Looks Facebook wall if you dare!