Professionally Pink

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (3)

pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (1)

Cardigan – Target | Blouse – Gap | Necklace | The Limited | Belt – Target | Skirt – New York & Co | Shoes – Unisa via

Today’s outfit might be one of my favorites over the past few months.  Why? Something about the bright skirt paired with neutrals just screams professional but fun.

Also, I used a lot of my “tricks” in this outfit.

Trick one?  Searching Pinterest for ways to wear a pink pencil skirt and finding this:


Trick 2? Using a large safety pin as a belt loop to keep my belt in place.

Trick 3?  Making my necklace longer by using a bracelet as a chain extender!


pink_skirt_oatmeal_cardigan 01 (2)


What’s your favorite part of this outfit?

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  1. Jamie

    What a fabulous idea with using a bracelet as an extender!!! Never thought of that, but will be super useful in the future!!

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