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You Pick Wednesday–3 Ways to Put Together an Outfit

You Pick Wednesday


Welcome to this week’s installment of You Pick Wednesday!  Kim contacted me with a really good question this week.  How do you take a brightly colored blazer that you have only ever worn casually and turn it into something office appropriate?


Here’s what I came up with:

Bright Blue Blazer
image   image     imageimageimage
I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Here’s how I came up with these outfits.
1.  Look at the colors in the shirt that Kim has already paired with the blazer.  See the pinks, the black, and the red?  Now, just start grabbing items in those colors and putting them with the blazer (Outfits 1, 3 and 4)
2.  Do a Google Image search for the item you’re having trouble with.  Searching for “women’s blue blazer” (sans quotation marks) netted me this outfit:


Navy shorts, striped top, blue cardigan?  How about a navy pencil skirt, a striped top, and a blue blazer? (Outfit 4)

3.  Search Pinterest for the color of your item.  Searching for “cobalt” got me the following:


Blue and turquoise?  Of course!  In this case we’re using it for color pairing inspiration since we’ll put the blue on top instead of on bottom (Outfit 2)

All of these outfits also treat the blazer like an accent piece.  Since it’s summer chances are good you won’t be wearing a blazer outside.  However, if you work in an office that is over air conditioned it’s the perfect item to throw on to keep warm and complete your outfit.  Roll up or push up the sleeves and you’ll look more summery. But even without the blazer the outfits still look good.

There you have it!  Ideas for making your blue blazer work appropriate and some tips on how to do it yourself in the future!

Now, what do YOU want to see for the next You Pick Wednesday?  Send me your ideas, questions and suggestions.