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You Pick Wednesday–Shorts Crazy

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It’s You Pick Wednesday!

And since it’s the Fourth of July and many of us in the U.S. corporate world are off from work, what better way to celebrate than breaking out the summer weekend wear and taking a look at how to wear shorts.

Kim asked me for some ideas on how to wear shorts but still be comfy and cute.

Navy Shorts- Four Ways
Khaki Shorts Four Ways

The secret?  A colorful top with interesting details and accessories!  You can still be comfy while wearing a fun necklace or unique earrings.  Just keep the pieces lightweight.  Plus, wear fun shoes!  Wear sandals with some bling or some pattern on them to add some pop to the outfit.

I really only have three guidelines for wearing shorts without looking like I’m doing yardwork or washing the car.

1.  Avoid t-shirts with words on them.  Yes, graphic tees are in right now, but to my eye t-shirts with words look ultra-casual and should be reserved for inside your own house or after a workout.

2.  Turn those “unisex” t-shirts into dust rags!  Men’s style t-shirts do most women no favors and definitely take shorts into the housework category.

3.  Flip-flops are a no-go.  Yes, I love them too.  They are easy to slip on and can be super comfy and are perfect for the beach or the pool.   But outside of that they can bring an outfit from YEAH to BLEH.  The only exception?  Embellished or decorated flip-flops MIGHT be okay.  But they’re pretty iffy so I say no if you’re not sure.   There are plenty of cute sandal options available that are just as comfy and easy as flip flops.

How do I do make my shorts look cute and stay comfy in my everyday life?

I focused on neutral-colored shorts since most of us have at least one pair of those (or similarly colored capris) in our closets.  But brightly colored shorts are definitely in this summer!  Putting Me Together muses about colored shorts this week.  She makes some good points!  As for me, if you follow me on Facebook you can see the fun shorts I just bought!

Do you wear shorts?  What do you like to wear with them?

And, don’t forget to submit your requests for an upcoming You Pick Wednesday!  Just send an email to looplooks@gmail.com.