Lacy Day

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

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Dress – Marshall’s | Shoes – | Necklace – Jeans & A Cute Top Shop Boutique | Earrings – StitchFix

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I went into Marshall’s two weeks ago looking for a maxi dress….and walked out with this.  Something about it just called to me from the rack.  I picked up and put it back at least three times before I finally said, oh, why not and took it into the dressing room.

Turns out it’s almost the same cut as my favorite black dress (complete with pockets) so why wouldn’t I love it?

I had to attend a work luncheon today so I thought it would be the perfect way to have a little fun on a hot, humid Chicago summer day.

The necklace I paired it with is actually a much shorter strand (seen here) so how did I get it to be longer?  By inserting a silver ankle bracelet between the clasps!  I actually do this with a few of my necklaces to make them more versatile.

And speaking of versatile, I’m looking forward to finding more fun ways to wear this dress this summer!

lace_dress 012

9 replies on “Lacy Day

  1. kilax

    That is a really clever way to extend the length of a necklace! Brilliant!

    It is definitely a skirt/dress week. This weather is insane!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      I’m sure they sell specialty necklace extenders but why not use what you’ve already got, you know?

      And there is NO WAY I’m wearing pants in this weather. If this keeps up I’ll be buying a lot more skirts.

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