OTI: Pretty Prints

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

polka_dot_dress 002

polka_dot_dress 004

Cardigan – The Limited | Dress – Ann Taylor | Necklace – Jewelry trade show | Shoes – Nine West

Day two of the Open to Interpretation Challenge!

Today we are interpreting this outfit modeled by Reese Witherspoon:

The first outfit I put on today was a much closer approximation of Reese’s outfit: polka dot dress with a sheer striped navy three-quarter sleeved knit top over it.  However, it looked too casual for a day of leading training sessions (welcome to part of my day job) so I opted for the white cardigan.

I did stick with the color scheme of navy and white, though.  And the printed skirt with a knit layer up top.  But, the first outfit I had on looked so stinking cute that I’m excited to wear that on another day!  Thank you, OTI for giving me a new and different way to wear this dress!

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  1. kilax

    That dress is so dimensional! From afar it kind of looks like honeycomb put then up close you see it dots. I love it! 🙂

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