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OTI: Masculine & Feminine

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_skirt_white_top 002

pink_skirt_white_top 005pink_skirt_white_top 007

Shirt – The Limited | Skirt – New York & Co | Belt – The Limited | Shoes – Nine West

Welcome to the first day of a whole week of Open to Interpretation!

Erica, Kayla, and Grace are hosting a whole week of Open to Interpretation challenges.  Not sure what this is?  Well last week they posted photos that they thought would make good inspiration photos.  The idea isn’t to copy the look exactly but to let it inspire you to put together an outfit you might not have otherwise thought of.

Monday’s OTI pic?

I have been craving a pink skirt and finally found the perfect one at New York and Company on Friday.  And since I love to wear my new items ASAP, this was the perfect opportunity to put it on.  A skirt is much more work appropriate than shorts!

I took the bright bottoms and paired them with the white button down that has a little sass in the form of the silver threads.  Boat shoes instead of heels give a nod to the casual footwear in the inspiration photo.  An animal print belt gives the look a bit more dimension than just a bottom and a top (and goes with my Three Things rule).  No hat, though.  I look ridiculous in hats.

What do you think?  <b>How would you have interpreted this look?</b>