Daily Archives: June 7, 2012

Day in the City

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

pink_top_patterned_skirt 002

Top – Old Navy | Belt – The Limited | Skirt – Nordstrom Rack | Shoes – Nine West | Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack | Necklace – NY & Co

Thursday my schedule was a little crazy and I ended up going to meetings and running errands in this outfit.  I think I probably looked a bit out of place in REI in a blouse and pencil skirt!

pink_top_patterned_skirt 003

On the plus side, it allowed me to get these photos!   Taken with my iPhone,  no less.

pink_top_patterned_skirt 007

Of course, it’s pretty difficult to get a bad photo when you have such a gorgeous day.