Back in Black

Office Appropriate Outfits - Summer

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Dress – The Limited | Cardigan – The Limited | Necklace – The Limited | Belt – The Limited | Shoes – Nine West

This is absolutely one of my favorite dresses.  I can wear it with a cardigan or without.  I can wear it with strappy heels, flats, or boots.  I can change up the belt for a different look or leave it off entirely.

And it has pockets!

Seriously, I think everyone needs a black dress that can be worn for multiple occasions.  This might not be THE little black dress fashion mags always talk about, but it’s a pretty good facsimile for my life.   Unless anyone knows of some fancy cocktail parties I’m supposed to be at…..

9 replies on “Back in Black

  1. kilax

    Ooo! I am going to steal this and try it with my black dress and purple cardigan manana. I don’t have a silver belt though. Sigh. 🙂

  2. kelsey

    Have you been to nordstrom rak recently? they have a ton of cardigans just like the one you are wearing for $22.00. I bought about 12390 colors. You can never have too many cardigans!

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