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Stitch Fix #3



Time for another Stitch Fix!

Seriously, I love getting the box in the mail.  I’m always so exited to try everything on.  This time I got a pair of earrings, three dresses, and a blouse.

So, here are my thoughts:

Item #1 – Gold Earrings

stitch_fix_may 002stitch_fix_may 040

Pros – I need more gold jewelry in my jewelry box.   They’re good casual earrings.

Cons – A little more than I usually spend on jewelry but not too bad when you factor in the $20 I already spent for the Fix.

Item #2 – Silk print dress

stitch_fix_may 005

stitch_fix_may 014 stitch_fix_may 016

Pros – I loved the print and the drape of this dress.  Very classy and perfect for work.

Cons – The waist hit me at a weird spot (zoom in on the pic on the left and you can see the elastic above my belt…and the belt is at my actual waist).  The arm holes were a little too big.  Too pricy for the fit.

Item #3 – Long sleeved Circle Print Dress

stitch_fix_may 003

stitch_fix_may 026 stitch_fix_may 021

Pros – I loved the print.  I only own one other long sleeved dress.  It’s also a super-comfy fabric.

Cons – A little short and low-cut.  But could be adapted for work with tights/leggings and a camisole.

Item #4 – Strapless Tweed Peplum Dress

stitch_fix_may 006

stitch_fix_may 027 stitch_fix_may 029

Pros – What a fun print and style!  Even though I don’t really need any strapless dresses in my closet I really wanted to love this one.

Cons – WAY TOO SMALL!  Seriously, it was a feat in and of itself to get this thing up over my hips and there was no way it was going to zip.

Item #5 – Linen patterned bib top

stitch_fix_may 004

stitch_fix_may 031 stitch_fix_may 035  stitch_fix_may 034

Pros – Looked pretty good with the black pencil skirt.  Different than other items I have in my closet already.

Cons – Arm holes were too big.  Didn’t like how see-thru it was without a pattern to distract from the sheerness.

So, what did I keep???




I kept TWO items!!

The gold earrings and the long sleeved circle printed dress.  I really wanted to keep the silk dress, too, but the price was just too high to keep both it and the circle print dress.  And since the circle print dress fills a hole in my closet (long-sleeved dresses) I went with that one.

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet?  No?  Why not?  Sign up now! No obligation beyond the first $20 Fix!