Daily Archives: May 9, 2012

Spring Green

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

green_pants_black_blazer 005_edit

green_pants_black_blazer 011

Blazer & Necklace – The Limited

Blouse – Gap

Cropped Pants – Express

Shoes – Bandolino

I’m holding an apple in this photo because after one bite into it I thought “I should take my outfit photo before I get food on myself”.  So, I did.

And then as I sat down to write this post I took another bite and promptly dropped an apple bit on my pants.  See how well I know myself?

Also, yes, the green pants are back! I hope you aren’t sick of them after my green pants challenge!

I originally had this outfit on with strappy black heeled sandals…but it’s currently 48degrees outside and my toes were cold. Ahh, Spring in Chicago.