Stitch Fix #2




Time for another box from Stitch Fix!  If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before, check out my first experience with them.

I received another 5 items on Friday and tried them all on Sunday night.  When I opened the box at work on Friday I was super excited about a few of the items.

Item #1 – Zebra Printed Top

stitch_fix_2 001


stitch_fix_2 005stitch_fix_2 010

Pros – Fit well, print was fun, can be dressy or casual

Cons – The fabric!  It’s 100% viscose which I’m trying to purge from my closet.  In fact, I had a shirt by this exact same brand that pilled up after two wearings.

Item #2 – Silver necklace

stitch_fix_2 006


Pros – Unique style, good length

Cons – Price.  This was more than I’d typically spend on a silver necklace for myself.  Also, I have a lot of silver necklaces that hit at my collarbone.

Item #3 – Silk shirtdress

stitch_fix_2 011

stitch_fix_2 012stitch_fix_2 018

Pros – I liked the color.  Sleeves were the right length.

Cons – Shape and length!  This was WAYYYY too short!  Also, it just looks like a pajama top to me.  Also, the price was too high (over $100) for me.

Item #4 – Gray cardigan

stitch_fix_2 021

stitch_fix_2 023stitch_fix_2 026

Pros – Comfy. back had a unique eyelet pattern

Cons – A little too small and the shape of the bottom just accentuated my hips a bit too much.  I didn’t love it for the price.

Item #5 – Black and brown dress

stitch_fix_2 031

stitch_fix_2 033stitch_fix_2 034

Pros – I LOVED LOVED LOVED the style of this dress.  The black sheath dress with the brown accents was love at first sight when I pulled it out of the box.  The price was awesome, too.

Cons – It was WAY too small!  The picture of the back is to demonstrate that I couldn’t zip it up any further.  It just wouldn’t fit around my ribcage and it was a bit too tight at my hips.

So, sadly, I’m not keeping anything from this Fix.  But I’ve ordered another one for May because it’s just so fun!  And for only $20 I feel like I’m getting a deal on the shipping.  If you want to try it you can click here to request an invite. It’s a great way to get exposed to things you never would have picked up in the store.  Even though I’m not keeping any of these items I actually got some great ideas for future outfits just by trying this stuff on!

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  1. kilax

    Wow! That last dress is so cute! Is it possible to request the right size?

    Oh my gosh. That shirt dress thing… just no! It totally does look like PJs! Weird!!!

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