1 Piece | 3 Days | Day 2

Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

green_pants_navy_print 003_edit

green_pants_navy_print 007_editgreen_pants_navy_print 005

Top – Old Navy

Pants – Express

Shoes – JCP (borrowed)

Necklace – ???  (borrowed)

Denim jacket – Gap

Day 2 of my one piece, 3 ways challenge with the green pants.  Navy and green are a great combination so it was a given that I would eventually pair this top with these pants.  I also think it gives the pants a toned down yet fun vibe.  I paired it with the silver boat shoes to make the dressier pants feel more casual.  I hope to own my own pair of metallic boat shoes soon!

1 Piece | 3 Days Challenge Day 1


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