Brighten Up

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red_pants_white_blazer 001_edit

red_pants_white_blazer 005red_pants_white_blazer 007

Blazer – Forever 21

Top – Old Navy

Necklace – Gordman’s

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Nine West


Whew!  Today has been a busy, busy day.  It’s also been a gray rainy day so I’m glad I wore my bright pants to help take some of the gray out of it.  I noticed on the train to work this morning that everyone was wearing black but me.

Just a few short months ago I was in a black-pants rut.  I wore black pants almost every day.  Now I still wear a lot of dark colors but I’m slowly branching out.

When’s the last time you wore something bright?

P.S. I suppose if I’m going to be taking close ups of my shoes this summer I should invest in a pedicure so I don’t subject you all to my nasty runner’s feet, huh?

6 replies on “Brighten Up

  1. Team Roman

    I don’t remember the last time i wore something bright. 🙁 Now that I’m working as a LMT i’ll never see color again! My uniforms are black scrubs. Black top, black pants, black shoes. I’ll have to start wearing some bright colors at home!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Bright colors are very in right now! The plus side to having a uniform is you don’t have to think about what to wear. The downside is that it might get kind of boring after awhile. At least scrubs are comfy!

      1. Team Roman

        This is true. It is nice to not having to put thought into what I have to wear to work but I’m afraid I’ll become complacent and boring with my ‘outside of work’ attire.

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  3. kilax

    Ooo, let’s get pedicures together! But I am going to tell them to leave all the rough stuff on my bottoms 🙂

    You know, I think it’s actually pretty challenging to make a great outfit with black pants! Because they don’t pop out so much, like you said.

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