Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

Brighten Up

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red_pants_white_blazer 001_edit

red_pants_white_blazer 005red_pants_white_blazer 007

Blazer – Forever 21

Top – Old Navy

Necklace – Gordman’s

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Nine West


Whew!  Today has been a busy, busy day.  It’s also been a gray rainy day so I’m glad I wore my bright pants to help take some of the gray out of it.  I noticed on the train to work this morning that everyone was wearing black but me.

Just a few short months ago I was in a black-pants rut.  I wore black pants almost every day.  Now I still wear a lot of dark colors but I’m slowly branching out.

When’s the last time you wore something bright?

P.S. I suppose if I’m going to be taking close ups of my shoes this summer I should invest in a pedicure so I don’t subject you all to my nasty runner’s feet, huh?