Career vs Comfort

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Blazer – Forever 21

Cardigan & Necklace – The Limited

Shirt – Stitch Fix (<—Note: if you sign up using this link I get the referral credit)

Pants – Gap

Shoes – Nine West

I love blazers.  I love they way they look.  I love that they can take an outfit from BLAH to WOW.  They add polish and professionalism to almost any outfit.

That being said, some days I just can’t handle the feel of the blazer collar on my neck or the restriction on my shoulders.  Perhaps this means my blazer doesn’t fit as well as I’d like.  Or maybe it just means my body is craving a bit of comfort.  Hence the cardigan.

Which look do you like better?  Blazer or cardigan?  What do you wear when you want to look professional but feel comfortable?

12 replies on “Career vs Comfort

  1. kilax

    For that outfit, I think I like the blazer better. But I like cardigans for a lot of outfits too! It’s funny you ask, because I had a blazer on this am, then tried on two cardigans, then went back to the blazer because it looked the best. But it is totally true what you say about constricted shoulders!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      The blazer is definitely more professional. But, the cardigan makes me feel like I’m at work in my comfy clothes and some days that’s just what you need!

  2. Team Roman

    I really love the shirt! it looks amazing with both blazers!

    I love a good blazer. I agree with you completely, it really just does something to an outfit. They aren’t always the most comfy for me though. I do feel restricted when I wear them. It depends on the outfit I’m wearing though. Sometimes I prefer a cardigan over a blazer and vice versa. I don’t think i really love one more than the other overall.

  3. Laura Wears...

    While I love blazers, I do agree – sometimes they can be uncomfortable. I keep thinking I should take my blazers to a tailor, but I have yet to take that grown-up step. For me, my shoulders are slightly broad compared with the rest of my body so if I buy a blazer to fit my waist, I almost always get that uncomfortable tightness across my shoulders/upper back. Not fun.

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Sometimes I buy cheap (this blazer) when I should really just shell out the money for one that fits better. Every so often being frugal bites me in the butt! Or the shoulders, in this case.

  4. Lauren

    I like the blazer look too. I think I need to get a few more blazers. Plus I love your top – the orange + stripey combo!

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