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Pink Leopard

Fluoxetine and abilify

leopard_cardigan_pink_blouse 004


leopard_cardigan_pink_blouse 005leopard_cardigan_pink_blouse 007

leopard_cardigan_pink_blouse 011

Cardigan – Lucky Brand

Blouse – Old Navy

Pants – The Limited

Shoes – Bandolino via Amazon.com

Necklace – Macy’s

Funny story:  I wear almost exclusively silver/platinum/white gold jewelry.  For years I refused to wear anything yellow gold.

Then I found my wedding dress.  It was off-white.  It was lace.  And for some reason silver just didn’t go with it.  A friend of mine had a beautiful golden pearl pendant that inspired me to find something similar for my wedding.  Thus, this necklace made it into my jewelry box.  I actually have matching earrings, too.

It’s still the only gold necklace I wear on a regular basis.  And every time I do it reminds me of my wedding.