Daily Archives: April 13, 2012

Simple Sparkle

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white_blazer_silver_sequins 004

white_blazer_silver_sequins 010

Blazer – Forever 21

Top – The Limited

Jeans – Old Navy

Shoes – Nine West

Sequins in the daytime?  Sure, why not?  By pairing them with a white blazer and plain denim they’ve gone from night on the town to Friday office meeting.  A black blazer and black pants would make this a little too “nighttime” but the lighter colors make it more daytime appropriate.

This evening, though, I won’t be transitioning the sparkle.  Instead, I’ll be throwing on a fun t-shirt under my blazer:

white_blazer_silver_sequins 012

I’m going to see The Nerdist tonight and thought “What better place to wear a nerdy t-shirt”?”  Yes, sometimes t-shirts with funny things on the front are stylishly appropriate.