Ahead of the Curve

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gray_peplum_cardigan 004

gray_peplum_cardigan 005gray_peplum_cardigan 007

Cardigan – Target

Tank top & Necklace – The Limited

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Hose – Target

Shoes – Tahari/TJ Maxx

Apparently peplum is all the rage right now.  I didn’t know this when I bought this cardigan on the clearance rack at the end of last year.  I guess I was ahead of the trend for once!

This cardigan is actually just an open cardigan.  No button or zipper.  But I found I was fussing with it too much this morning so I decided to improvise.  Don’t have a button or a nice pin?  Use an earring!  Yes, that’s a stud earring holding my cardigan closed.  Pretty ingenious, huh?

3 replies on “Ahead of the Curve

  1. Lauren

    I like the earring/pin idea! I’ve avoided buying several sweaters because they didn’t have a closure. But that’s a smart way to work around an otherwise great piece! Love the look!

  2. kilax

    I like the earring! Very clever! Better than a paperclip, lol. Or safety pin 😉 That top looks cute on you 🙂

    I wanted to say I hope that look does not stay in style for long because it would not look good on heavier girls like me… but who knows!

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