Office Appropriate Outfits - Spring

snake_print_and_suit 005


snake_print_and_suit 002 snake_print_and_suit 004

Suit (blazer and pants) – The Limited

Blouse – LOFT

Necklace – NY & Co

Shoes – Nine West/DSW

Some days require you to dress a little more professionally than others.  That’s when you break out the suit.  I like to jazz it up a bit, though.  And what’s more jazzy than a purple/blue python print?

Although, I admit, I still feel like a kid playing dress-up when I put on a suit.


3 replies on “Suited

  1. kilax

    Ha ha. I like Lauren’s comments – I think the blazer look is professional too.

    I do not even have a suit. This is okay… right? I feel the same was as you when I wear one. And, I feel constricted.

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