March Shopping Summary


1.  Old Navy Tank – $15.00

2.  The Limited Navy Blazer –  $36.00 (similar)

3.  The Limited Necklace – $9.00

4.  The Limited Belt – $21.00 (similar)

5.  Lucky Brand Cardigan – $20.00

6. Old Navy Diva Skinny Jeans – $29.50

7.  Express Cropped Pants – $70.00

8.  Forever 21 Blazer – $30 (similar)

I also ended up buying a few other things here and there.  A dress kind of like this one but from Express and on clearance for $21.  Plus the black necklace seen here ($18 in NYC) and the white t-shirt I mentioned here ($14).

Overall I added some fun pieces and a few basics to my closet for good prices.  And believe it or not, I’m actually purging a few things!

In fact, if you’re interested in picking up a blazer or two, check out the Loop Looks Facebook Album to see what I’ve got available.

3 replies on “March Shopping Summary

  1. kilax

    I see skirts like that one in #2 (realize that is not what you ordered but it caught my attention) and am really attracted to it. But I bet is not structured enough.

    You look so much better in that animal print cardigan than that model! LOL!

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