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Have you heard of Stitch Fix?  It’s a personal shopping website.  Here’s how it works:

1.  You fill out a survey about your style, body shape, likes and dislikes (complete with lots of visuals to choose from)

2.  You choose a delivery date.  You can have them pre-set (as in, the first of every month) or you can just log-in and request a “fix” whenever you want.

3.  You pay $20 for each “fix”.

4.  The Stitch Fix personal shoppers choose 5 items including jewelry, dresses, tops, and pants and mail them to you on your “fix” date.

5.  You get a few days to try them all on with your own stuff in the comfort of your own home.  Anything you keep your $20 goes towards the price of that item.  Anything you don’t want you return in the provided postage paid envelope.  You don’t get your $20 back, though, if you decide not to keep anything.

I signed up and just got my first “fix” this week.

Items #1 & #2 – Blouse and Necklace

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 008

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 001 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 007

Pros – Both the blouse and necklace looked much cuter once it was on than they did in the box

Cons – The dolman sleeves on the top looked a little ridiculous and I felt like I was swimming in the top.  The necklace was a little long and heavy for what I usually wear.

Item #3 –  Sleeveless Blouse

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 015

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 009 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 014

Pros – Love the cut of this top!

Cons – The colors weren’t my favorite.  Also, it has a huge keyhole style back.

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 011 I’d have to wear something over it to wear it to work and that would take away from the cuteness of the shape.  Or I suppose I could wear a cami under it but I’d rather just be able to wear it on its own.

Item #4 – Tank top

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 024

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 016 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 021

Pros – Versatile!  Looks just as good casual as it does dressed up.  Made of bamboo and cotton so it’s eco-friendly.

Cons – Not sure how bamboo wears over the long term.  A little more than I would normally spend on a top.

Item #5 – Strapless dress

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 030

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 028 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 029

Pros – Cute pattern!  The skirt part fit well.

Cons – Strapless.  Where would I wear this?  Also, the top was pretty tight.

So, in the end, what did I decide to keep?

The tank top!

looplooks_stitchfix_sale 017 looplooks_stitchfix_sale 020

My first “fix” was fun!  I definitely would not have picked any of those items off the rack at the store.  When I first pulled them out of the box I wrinkled my nose at all of them.  But I took their advice when they said “Try on all of your goodies (even the ones you think are so not you.  You might be surprised!).”

So far I would highly recommend Stitch Fix to anyone who likes shopping, hates shopping, feels stuck in a rut, or just wants to try something different.  And if you don’t like anything?  You’re out $20.

4 replies on “My First Stitch Fix

  1. kilax

    Very interesting concept! I bet you would have fun being one of the shoppers for them. I really like that top with the huge cutout in the back. So, for $20 you got all of those items to try? Schweet deal!

    1. Erin @ Loop Looks Post author

      Yep! $20 bucks gets you 5 items to try out in the comfort of your own home and free shipping for anything you send back. Plus, of course, a $20 credit toward any of the items in that shipment.

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