Working Wounded

Fluoxetine and abilify


guest_post_denim_shirt 004_edit floral_scarf 001_edit



Shirt – Target                  Belt – Old Navy

Pants – The Limited

Shoes – Gabriella Rocha/

Scarf, Top, and Pants – The Limited

I’m still sick, for sure.  But the show must go on right?  So, this is my work uniform when I’m feeling under the weather.  Simple, comfy, but still a bit stylish.

However, look for a fun post featuring  a guest a little later!

2 replies on “Working Wounded

  1. kilax

    Again… your “comfty” work clothes look more put together than my normal ones. Le sigh.

    I didn’t notice your shoes yesterday! I like that color! They really bring that outfit together!

    1. snmnstrz21 Post author

      You can’t see in the photo for Thursday but I’m wearing the same gray shoes (or, at least, I would be if I had any meetings today. I’m actually wearing black slip-on sneakers around the office),

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