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Kim: A Closet Consultation Come to Life



Meet my friend Kim (on the right in the photo above).  We’ve been friends for a few years but last month she asked me for help in figuring out how to take her wardrobe up a notch.

I spent a Sunday at her house doing a Closet Consultation by helping her put together some outfits out of things she already owned.

But the best part was yet to come. Not only did she come away from that experience with a bevvy of new looks without spending a dime, she also got some tips on how to put together outfits on her own.


In this outfit she’s following my “rule of three” suggestion.

Wear at least three pieces.  Skirt, top and scarf.  Jeans, top and blazer.  Pants, top and statement necklace.  Mix and match but always have at least three things.

On Wednesday she came to my office for lunch wearing another fabulous outfit.

guest_post_denim_shirt 002_edit

Here’s she’s keeping the color palate similar (red, off-whites, black & grays) but using the black belt to make her waist stand out.  That’s my other rule.

Use a belt to accentuate your waist, bring attention up from your hips, and show off your figure.

In this case the outfit without the cardigan was also cute but the belt just takes it up a notch and gives it a little bit more polish.  By the way, I’m partial to wider belts as opposed to skinny belts.

Wearing waist-flattering belts and leg-flattering pencil skirts weren’t always Kim’s style.  This is her using my tips, breaking out of her style rut, and showing us her own fabulous Loop Looks creations!

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Working Wounded

Fluoxetine and abilify


guest_post_denim_shirt 004_edit floral_scarf 001_edit



Shirt – Target                  Belt – Old Navy

Pants – The Limited

Shoes – Gabriella Rocha/6pm.com

Scarf, Top, and Pants – The Limited

I’m still sick, for sure.  But the show must go on right?  So, this is my work uniform when I’m feeling under the weather.  Simple, comfy, but still a bit stylish.

However, look for a fun post featuring  a guest a little later!