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polka_dots_and_red_cardigan 001_edit

Every single thing (sans necklace and shoes) – The Limited

Necklace – NY&Co

Shoes – Nine West/DSW

Hello, Monday!  Another woman who works on my floor told me that my top looks very “spring-y”.  Well, spring isn’t quite here yet but that’s okay.  I got my inspiration for this outfit from J at J’s Everyday Fashion.  Polka dots with red and black?  Don’t mind if I do.

Although, once I had it on it kept reminding me of something else:



But Dalmatians are cute so that’s okay, too.  And there’s a reason they look so good next to a fire truck.  Red, black and white are classic!

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  1. kilax

    I love that blouse! Is it from this season? Did they have other colors?

    We would have been very close to be outfit twins today, had we met 😉

    Love the title of this post 🙂

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