February Shopping Wrap-Up


Typically by February I’m tired of all my winter clothes.  Spring items are showing up in stores and all the winter stuff is on clearance.

What does that mean for me?  I shop a lot in February.

Here’s (some of) the haul for February 2012:


1.  Animal Print Cardigan – Gap, currently on sale

2.  Cobalt Blue Blazer – Forever 21, $32.50 (similar)

3.  White Top – Gap, currently on sale

4.  Polka Dot Top – Gap, $54.95

5.  Pink Checked Shirt – H&M, $19.50 (similar)

6.  Red Cropped Pants – Gap, $49.95

7.  Sequined Moto Jacket – Express via MJRSales.com (search for “famous mall brand sequined moto jacket”), $14.99

8.  Metallic Zebra Sweater – Kohl’s, $15.84 (similar)

There may be a few other things that came home with me, but I think this is good for now!

What’s your favorite item from this lot?  Anything you’re craving in the stores right now? 

4 replies on “February Shopping Wrap-Up

  1. kilax

    I really like the Cobalt Blue Blazer! It’s so fun!

    I am anxious to see how you wear #5!

    I am craving swimsuits in the stores. JK!!! I want some fun colored cardigans.

    (FYI, the images did not load properly in IE – they were layered on top of one another. I will send you a screenshot).

    1. Erin

      I actually had number 5 on on Sunday under my sweater! I also have a feeling I’ll be wearing it with my white shorts over a tank-top this summer.

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