The Great Jeans Search


I’ve been looking for a pair of jeans.  The perfect pair of jeans to wear with flats.  Not bootcut.  Not flared.  Not super skinny.  Not too short and not too long.

I spent almost an entire Saturday trying on jeans at the mall.  I found a few pairs that might work but they didn’t have my size.  So, I ordered some online and then searched a few more stores for options.

I wound up with three so far.  Here are the current contenders.

1.  Levi’s Misses Skinny Jeans – Kohl’s

jeans_show 005jeans_show 004jeans_show 008

jeans_show 030jeans_show 029jeans_show 028


  • Rear end looks good
  • Not too wide on the ankle
  • Leg is streamlined


  • Looks a little too short.  No way these puppies could go in the dryer!

2.  Levi’s Bold Curve ID Straight Leg – Macy’s

jeans_show 012jeans_show 013

jeans_show 015










  • None that I can think of


  • Rise is a bit too high
  • Not streamlined enough in the leg
  • A little too wide at the ankle

3.  Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren – Macy’s

jeans_show_RL_backjeans_show 017_RL_sidejeans_show 019_RL_frontjeans_show 024jeans_show 023jeans_show 021


  • Looks pretty good from the rear!
  • Slim through the upper leg
  • Good length in the back


  • A little too long?
  • Maybe not as streamlined in the lower leg as I’d like

In an ideal world, I’d like a cross between #1 (the Levi’s from Kohl’s) and #3 (Denim Supply by Ralph Lauren).


Do you hate jeans shopping as much as I do? 

6 replies on “The Great Jeans Search

  1. Whitney

    I do. I’ve reached the point where I buy my favorite brands and have them tailored (waist and length).

  2. kilax

    I agree – #1 and #3 would be perfect together. #2 is too baggy! I like #1 but it seems baggy at the knees if that makes sense!

    I do hate jeans shopping. I seem to do well with Eddie Bauer though, which is so counter-intuitive…

  3. Team Roman

    I’m trying to thumb through your blog to see all of your looks…you have so much! Love it!

    I have a huge problem finding jeans that fit right. They’re either too high in the waist and too short in the legs or vice versa. It’s annoying. I despise shopping for jeans (or any pants, really). I’m still in search of the perfect pair. :/

  4. Jennifer

    I actually like jeans shopping… I find the different cuts/styles @ Gap (long ‘n’ lean, curvy, etc.) and Target (#1 – #6) really helpful.

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