Wild Animal

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

zebra_sweater 008_edit

White shirt – The Limited

Sweater – Kohl’s

Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet

Tights – Walgreens

Boots – Liz Claiborne/DSW

Necklace – NY&Co

zebra_sweater 009zebra_sweater 010zebra_sweater 013_edit

I have grand plans for this sweater.   It looks great with black, it looks good with jeans….and it’s going to look amazing with red!  I’m just waiting a little bit longer to bust out my red pants.  Come on Spring, get here faster!

I think this outfit would look better with a more streamlined shoe, but I’m actually living out of a suitcase this week so my shoe choices are limited.   I tried not to bring my entire shoe collection.  Funny story:  when my husband and I went on a week-long cruise for our five year wedding anniversary I had an entire carry-on suitcase full of shoes.   The TSA agent at the airport even commented on it!

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