Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

From Snow to Spring

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 004_Edit

Blazer – The Limited

Blouse – LOFT

Camisole – The Limited

Jeans – The Limited

Shoes – Gabriella Rocha/6pm.com

Necklace – Gift from Jason (jewelry store in Cabo San Lucas)

Close –ups:

black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 007black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 008_edit

black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 010black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 012

So, as you know, I work in downtown Chicago.  When you work in downtown Chicago there is some outdoor commuting that must take place.  And on days like today, when it’s snowing, you certainly don’t leave the house looking at cute as you do when you get to the office and strip off the layers and change out of your snow boots.

Instead, this is what I looked like so I could make it to work as dry as possible:

black blazer_snakeskin_blouse 001

I’m really looking forward to spring, by the way.