Happy Valentine’s Day!

Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

gray_suit 005_edit

Suit & Top – The Limited

This is what I wore on Valentine’s Day.  I had a meeting of my professional organization and, since I’m the president, I like to look professional.  Hence the suit.  With pink. 

After work Jason and I had a “date” to upgrade our iPhones and then have dinner at La Madia.  I brought jeans to work so I could change into something a bit more casual.

gray_suit 014_edit

Same suit jacket & top

Jeans – Gap Outlet

Shoes – Bandolino/DSW

Amazing how much a blazer really amps up a pair of jeans, right?  To be honest, though, this top has never fit quite right (it’s definitely made for someone with a tiny waist and big boobs) and I keep thinking about trying to get it altered. Until then I just wear it under this jacket with kind of hides the weird fit.   

Oh, and since these pictures don’t really show the pinstriping on the suit, here’s a close-up:

gray_suit 017

See?   It’s pink!  Hence the pink top. 

Finally, how about some flowers for V-Day?

gray_suit 002

Actually, these flowers came on February 7th.  That’s Jason’s birthday.  Why was I getting flowers on his birthday?  Well, he sent them to me with a card that said, “Forgot to send you flowers on your birthday so here are some on mine.”

Yeah, he’s a keeper. 

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