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Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

In case you’re new to my life, let me tell you something about me. I am NOT a morning person. I love sleep.

However, my current job starts at 8 AM and I end at 5 PM. I’m lucky in that there is a gym in my office building so I can usually sneak away at lunch and get in my workout.

red-turtleneck-letote-necklace-2Lately, though, my schedule hasn’t allowed for lunch time workouts. And since my evenings are devoted to husband, dog, dinner, and chores (and I don’t get home until after 5:30 most nights), I was left with one choice if I want to keep up my current strength/half-marathon/triathlon training: workout before work. Which means getting up at 5AM. Blurgh.

On days when I’m packing my bag to shower and get ready for the office at the gym, I try to pack the fewest number of pieces that still make a put-together outfit. My normal solution? Just add bling.

red-turtleneck-letote-necklace-3Sweater – Express (similar) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Shoes – Steven c/o Shopbop (similar) | Necklace – Le Tote (same)

red-turtleneck-letote-necklace-4Turtleneck sweater, jeans and flats are all fine and good but I think a blank canvas like this sweater is just calling out for something. Thankfully I had this Le Tote necklace handy. It adds just a little extra interest to an otherwise simple outfit.

In fact, it added so much interest that I got several compliments from people at work!

Trying to think in the morning is virtually impossible for me so I pack my gym bag the night before. Top, bottom, shoes and bling is an easy combination to remember. Try it. I promise you’ll like it even if you’re like me and hate mornings.




Conflicted about camo

Casual Clothes · Casual Friday · Office Appropriate Outfits - Winter

Is there anything in your life that you like but you feel bad about liking? I feel that way about camo print. I love the way it looks but I feel so disingenuous wearing it. Like, the only people who should wear it are those in the military or who are military veterans.

But, it’s also just a fun print!

camo-jeans-marsala-sweater-1Jeans – LOFT (same on sale!) | Sweater – American Eagle Outfitters (same on sale!) | Boots – Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop (same) | Necklace – clothing swap (similar)

camo-jeans-marsala-sweater-3I admit that I bought these jeans on sale in January and last week was the first time I wore them. And I felt both awesome and self conscious all day. Of course, it did help that there was another girl at work also wearing camo print jeans so I didn’t feel totally out of place.

I have lots of ideas on how to wear them so hopefully I get over my weird hang-up and just admit that it’s a print. I mean, people wear plaid who aren’t Scottish, right?



What do you do with a cashmere sweater

Casual Clothes · Casual Friday

A few weeks ago Garnet Hill emailed me to see if I would be interested in trying something from their Cashmere Shop. I admit I was intrigued because growing up we used to get the Garnet Hill catalog and I remember it being mostly bedding and linens. Either I totally missed their clothing section or they’ve just been expanding since the last time I looked!

As you saw in yesterday’s shopping summary post, I ended up getting a beautiful striped cashmere sweater from them.

garnet-hill-striped-sweater-2Sweater – c/o Garnet Hill (same) | Jeans – American Eagle Outfitters (same) | Boots – Sorel (similar) | Scarf – The Limited (similar)

Originally I wasn’t sure what size to order. I was debating between an XS and an S. In the end, I went with the small and I would say it fits true to size. None of this crazy vanity sizing that other places do. I wanted it to fit a little looser so I could layer it and so it would feel more casual. The S is perfect for that. If I wanted an even more oversized fit I could easily go up to a Medium.

I love that it has three quarter length sleeves (my favorite!) and that the boat neck isn’t super wide.

garnet-hill-striped-sweater-3I kind of took a chance on ordering the navy and white version because there’s no picture of it on the website. Thankfully it looked how I expected.

The only downside? What do I do with a cashmere sweater?? Garnet Hill has care suggestions but, dang, cashmere seems like it might be a lot of work. On the plus side, it’s super soft and cozy.

I kept the outfit simple on its first outing (although, when I wore it to work I swapped out the boots for my navy suede heels once I got to the office) but since I’m pretty sure we’re not getting spring for a few more weeks I’ll most likely be layering it over a button up shirt pretty soon.

garnet-hill-striped-sweater-1Thanks to Garnet Hill for sending me this sweater! As always, all opinions are my own.



February Shopping Summary + Shopbop Sale


First things’s first: have you voted for your favorite outfit of February yet?

Second thing’s second, I told myself earlier in 2015 that after January (aka after my birthday) I was going to try to cut back on shopping. Good thing that it’s so cold that trying to look cute is the last thing on my mind! I literally bought four things in February (and got two items to review) and they were (almost) all comfy basics.


J. Crew Factory Ringer tee – $8.44

J. Crew Factory Cardigan – $24.15

Target Merona long sleeved tees (2) – $14.99 each

Garnet Hill Sweater – c/o

Boohoo Dress – c/o (seen here)

And while I’m lucky enough to have a partnership with Shopbop that allows me some spending cash at their website every month, I haven’t even ordered anything from them, either!

But, maybe that’s a good thing because their spring sale starts today!

image029 (1)If you’ve never seen a Shopbop sale here’s how it works:

  • You save 15% with purchase over $250
  • You save 20% with purchase over $500
  • You save 25% with purchase over $1000

Which means that this is a also a great opportunity to get together and shop with friends. Pool your orders and you all save money!

Personally, I’m planning to order a new pair of black jeans and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these awesome leopard print sneakers come back in my size.

If you’re looking for a white blazer for spring (I FINALLY found one!) then you might want to try one from Capulet, a brand Shopbop just started carrying.

Or maybe some fun earrings? Anyone who knows me pretty well knows that I love star shaped things so of course I love these.

And since allegedly spring will be here soon, why not browse the sandals section? If you order some it means warm weather will get here faster. At least that’s what I’m telling myself to justify drooling over these simple but classy sandals.

I’m also already thinking about swimsuits. Wishful thinking, yes? But this white one from CM Cia Maritima is beautiful and may just be my reward for all the hard work I’ve been doing in the gym since October.

The Shopbop sales starts TODAY and ends on Sunday, March 8th at 4:00 AM Eastern Time.  Anyone want to go in with me??


*Sadly, this sale excludes Stuart Weitzman. You know how some women drool over the Tiffany’s window? I l drool over the Stuart Weitzman window on Michigan Ave.

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